The recently launched Toolminder cloud-based app allows for a full, totally remote system to cover all aspect of maintenance and inspection for all industry sectors. The system offers full reporting of assets by location, service or maintenance - performed together with date/time stamping. Automatic schedule prompting, giving notice of impending scheduled requirements.

The system works on a variety phones and tablets and can be used with both barcode or RFID tags.


The use of barcode labels is a cost-effective way of identifying assets. Suitable for internal or non-hostile environment use. Depending on use, a variety of materials are available which will determine the cost of identifying the asset. The device used (Tablet/Phone) scans the barcode and recalls the asset from the database, allowing all information to be accessed.


RFID tags come in various forms of encapsulation, and are ideal for outside use and in hostile environments.  Unlike the barcode, it does not need “line of sight” to be read. The tag can be fitted on or in metal. Coated in paint, it can be inserted covertly behind plastic/wood and many other methods of attachment.

When the RFID tag is read by a device or a RFID reader specifically designed to work with Toolminder, the asset record is recalled - allowing all information to be accessed.

Earlsmere offer a full range of both barcode labels and RFID tags produced in-house. With over 30 years of experience, we are able to advise the most suitable and cost-effective solution.